Suicidal thoughts/actions

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People are often shocked to find themselves having thoughts about wanting to “leave this world” to actually kill themselves. ¬†Yet, many people are overwhelmed by many parts of their lives and sometimes these issues feel insurmountable. The ongoing issues of money, relationships, children, health, work, school, body image, feeling like a failure, being bullied, hating your life for one reason or a thousand others seems like they will never end. Many people find themselves in this situation. The danger comes when these thoughts last for more than two weeks. It is made worse by alcohol., drugs and impulsive actions.

If you find yourself in this place, try one of the following:

1. Go to the nearest hospital or clinic. Any medical facility will have trained staff that can help you. You don’t have to have these thoughts by yourself. In fact having them by yourself is what is so dangerous.

2. Talk to one other person and tell them of your thoughts. It is one of the ways out. Let them see the light of day. Call a counselor if you have used one in the past even if you thought they didn’t help. Use them as a life line right now. You can always move on at another time.

3. Make a list of people who you know have cared for you in the past. If there is one person on that list that you have contact with or can find, do that right now. Text, call, email or go see them. Don’t wait as that mind will talk you out of it. That’s the problem, the mind that is having these thoughts is the same mind that is advising you about what to do. As someone once said “being in my mind is like wandering around in a dangerous neighborhood.” It’s not good for you. In fact it’s dangerous. So contact that person. Even if you haven’t had contact with them in a long time. Believe me, the negative thoughts you have about your life is not what they are thinking about. They are dealing with their own life. You asking them for a little relief will be positive for them. (Notable exceptions to this is if you have stalked this person, had extremely negative interaction with them or they have told you to never contact them again.)

4. Do one thing today that you have enjoyed in the past. Even if it’s going outside and looking at something beautiful to you. Just one small step. You don’t have to change something significant. It’s too hard when you are really having these thoughts. Just start with something small.

5. Make a list of what you are grateful for. Even if it’s that you can read this, that you can breathe, that you have enjoyed one day in your life. In fact, think of that day and go over why you enjoyed it. Just a small, simple list of what you can be grateful for.

I won’t add any more here. Too much can overwhelm further. When you are up to it, read my blog post of 50 things to do when you are sad, depressed, scared or anxious. You can also get in touch with me if you’d like. You can email me from this site, or call 650-851-5778.

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