Teenage depression

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This can be a tricky determination. Am I depressed? Is this normal? No one else seemed to be as bummed out as me. I’m stressing about stressing. I just need to know what is wrong with me. Here are some ways to think about this. Have you had thoughts about any of the following for longer than two weeks: hurting yourself; hurting someone else; killing yourself; running away from home. Feeling any of these for longer than two weeks: hate what you look like; alone in the world; sure no one understands you, even your friends; feeling you have no friends;nothing makes you feel good inside; empty inside; no accomplishment means anything to you.

Other things to look out for: I don’t want to do anything with anyone. I’ve been through a break up and there will never be another person like that in my life. My grades have really changed. I don’t want to do the sports I used to like. My home life has changed and I am devastated. There has been a death of a close person to me.

Hope: there are ways to deal with these issues and there isn’t a person who is over 11 that hasn’t dealt with some or sometimes all of these problems. You can talk to your parents, another family member, a teacher, a grown up around you, a counselor or others who you trust. What’s important is to not continue to isolate. There is a caring and trusting place to land. You may not see it, but it’s out there. Read more of these posts for specific ideas.

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